FTMO Funded Account Overview

How FTMO Evaluates Traders

Want to become an FTMO Trader? It’s not a walk in the park, but it’s doable. You’ve got to pass two stages: the FTMO Challenge and the Verification stage. You’ll be trading on demo accounts with pretend money, sticking to some specific goals.

First up, the FTMO Challenge. Here, you’ve got to hit certain performance targets within a set time. Nail this, and you move on to the Verification stage. This is where they check if you’re consistent and disciplined. Pass this, and you might just get an FTMO Account. But before you start dreaming of dollar signs, you’ll need to show some ID, like a passport or national ID card. Want more details? Check out our FTMO review.

Goals and Profit Targets

FTMO’s Trading Objectives are all about balancing profit with risk. Unlike other programs, FTMO doesn’t rush you with a time limit to hit your Profit Target. You’ve got at least 4 trading days to complete the FTMO Challenge.

FTMO Challenge Verification Stage
Profit Target: 10% Profit Target: 5%
Max Daily Loss: 5% Max Daily Loss: 5%
Max Loss: 10% Max Loss: 10%

Once you meet all the Trading Objectives, you move to the Verification phase. You’ll keep trading with the same account balance you had in the FTMO Challenge. So, if you were playing with $200,000, you’ll continue with $200,000. The most you can get per trader or strategy is $400,000, which you can split into different accounts (like 2 accounts with $200k each, or 4 accounts with $100k each). For more on trading rules, check out the FTMO trading rules.

Knowing the evaluation process and trading objectives helps you gear up for the FTMO challenge. Curious how FTMO stacks up against other funding programs? Take a look at our myforexfund review.

FTMO Account Details

Getting the lowdown on an FTMO funded account is a must for any prop trader looking to make the most of what FTMO offers.

Account Balance and Capital Allocation

When you trade on an FTMO Account, you stick with the same balance you had during your FTMO Challenge. So, if you were playing with $200,000 in the challenge, you get $200,000 in your FTMO Account. The max you can get per trader or strategy is $400,000, and you can split this into different accounts. This gives you some wiggle room to mix up your strategies.

Account Type Max Capital Allocation
Single Account $400,000
Multiple Accounts 2 accounts with $200,000 each or 4 accounts with $100,000 each

Want more info on capital allocation? Check out our FTMO review.

Becoming an FTMO Trader

To join the FTMO club, you gotta pass a 2-step Evaluation Process. First, there’s the FTMO Challenge, then the Verification stage. Both stages use demo accounts with fake money, and you gotta hit certain profit targets and follow risk management rules.

Evaluation Stage Description
FTMO Challenge First stage where you meet profit targets and follow risk rules.
Verification Second stage to prove you’re consistent and stick to the rules.

Once you nail the Verification stage, you can become an FTMO Trader. This involves a review of your trading performance. To seal the deal for an FTMO Account, you’ll need to show some ID, like a passport or national ID card.

For more deets on the process, check out our FTMO Trading Challenge guide.

You can have as many accounts as you want during the FTMO Challenge and Verification stages. But once you’re an FTMO Trader, the max capital allocation per trader or strategy is capped at $400,000.

Curious how FTMO stacks up against other funding programs? Take a look at our MyForexFund review. Need to brush up on the trading rules? Head over to FTMO trading rules.

Risk Management at FTMO

Why Risk Management Matters

In prop trading, managing risk is like having a safety net. FTMO knows this well and makes it a top priority. They get that keeping traders profitable and steady over the long haul hinges on smart risk management. Most FTMO traders keep their risk under 3% per trade, with many playing it safer at 1% to dodge big losses and keep greed in check (FTMO).

You can’t ignore risk management because losses are part of the game. Even if you’re winning most of the time, you have to be ready for losing streaks. Stats show that with a 60% win rate, there’s still a 70% chance you’ll hit four losses in a row (FTMO). This is why having a solid risk strategy is non-negotiable.

Starting with a risk cap of 2% per trade is a good move. You can tweak this based on how you trade, but the main thing is to stay disciplined and not go overboard. Unexpected stuff like news, market gaps, internet issues, and your own emotions also need a plan to handle them (FTMO).

Sticking to the Rules

At FTMO, discipline isn’t just a word; it’s a way of life. Every trader follows a detailed plan and a set of golden rules to make smart choices. These rules help traders think things through before jumping into a trade (FTMO).

Here are the key points:

  1. Risk Per Trade: Keep it under 2%.
  2. Position Sizing: Base it on your account balance and how much risk you can handle.
  3. Stop-Loss Orders: Always use them to limit losses.
  4. Trading Plan: Stick to your plan for entering and exiting trades.
  5. Emotional Control: Keep your cool to stay objective.
Risk Management Component Recommended Practice
Risk Per Trade ≤ 2%
Position Sizing Based on account balance and risk tolerance
Stop-Loss Orders Mandatory for every trade
Trading Plan Follow strictly
Emotional Control Develop strategies to manage stress and emotions

For more details on FTMO’s trading rules and risk management, check out our FTMO trading rules and ftmo review articles. Knowing these principles helps you pass the ftmo trading challenge and sets you up for a successful trading career.

Why FTMO Trading Rocks

Get Your Hands on an FTMO Account

FTMO gives traders a shot at handling up to $400,000 in pretend money. Yep, you read that right. You get to play with big bucks without risking your own cash. The money’s fake, but the rewards? Totally real.

With an FTMO Account, you’re trading in a demo world, but your skills can earn you actual money. FTMO uses the data from your trades to help with their own trading strategies. So, it’s a win-win for both you and FTMO.

Feature Description
Capital Allocation Up to $400,000
Account Type Simulated Demo Account
Risk No real financial risk
Rewards Real money based on performance

Curious about how FTMO works? Check out our FTMO review.

Show Off Your Skills and Get Paid

FTMO is all about making sure you know your stuff. Traders love the chance to learn and create their own trading rules. It’s not just about making money; it’s about getting better at trading.

FTMO’s performance checks, like Account Analysis and Trader’s Analysis, help you sharpen your strategies. These evaluations focus on risk management and skill improvement. Once you hit the FTMO Trader stage, you can start withdrawing your profits. You can pull out your earnings between 14 to 60 days after your first trade, thanks to the Profit Split model. Plus, if you keep doing well, your account balance can grow with the Scaling Plan.

Evaluation Aspect Description
Account Analysis Detailed performance review
Trader’s Analysis Focus on risk management and skill improvement
Profit Withdrawal 14 to 60 days (Profit Split)
Scaling Plan Periodic balance increase for profitable traders

Want to know more about FTMO’s rules and performance metrics? Dive into our article on FTMO trading rules.

Thinking about other options? Check out our MyForexFund review to see how it stacks up against FTMO.

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