Getting to Know FTMO

What’s FTMO All About?

FTMO is a prop trading firm looking for skilled traders to join their team. Started in 2015 by a bunch of university students, FTMO’s goal is to back traders with the right tools, education, and a solid trading environment. They’ve set up a 2-step Evaluation Process, which includes the FTMO Challenge and Verification stages. Pass these, and you get an FTMO Account where you can keep up to 90% of your profits (FTMO).

FTMO’s mission has stayed the same: to provide top-notch services, push traders to their best, and help them trade like pros. They offer both educational support and practical trading tools to make sure traders are ready for the ups and downs of the financial markets (FTMO).

How Does the FTMO Evaluation Work?

The FTMO Evaluation Process has two main stages to make sure traders can handle risk and trade well:

1. FTMO Challenge: This is the first step, where traders show they can trade responsibly and manage risk. They need to hit specific Trading Objectives, like a Profit Target and drawdown limits. The FTMO Challenge has no set Trading Period, giving traders plenty of time to meet the goals. The minimum time to finish the challenge is 4 trading days (FTMO).

2. Verification: After passing the FTMO Challenge, traders move to the Verification stage. This is the final check to make sure they can keep meeting the Trading Objectives in real market conditions. Pass this, and you get an FTMO Account.

Stage Goal Timeframe
FTMO Challenge Hit Profit Target and manage drawdown Minimum 4 trading days
Verification Keep meeting Trading Objectives No set time

The FTMO Evaluation Process weeds out traders who can’t manage risk, ensuring only the best get an FTMO funded account. For more on the rules and requirements, check out our article on FTMO trading rules.

By understanding FTMO and its Evaluation Process, traders can gear up for the challenges and boost their chances of becoming successful prop traders with FTMO. If you’re curious about how FTMO stacks up against other prop trading firms, take a look at our MyForexFund review.

FTMO Challenge Details

The FTMO Trading Challenge is a test for prop traders, giving them a shot at earning an FTMO funded account. Here’s a breakdown of what you need to know about the trading goals and the time you have to complete the challenge.

Trading Goals

The FTMO Challenge has specific goals traders must hit to move forward. These goals are set to balance making money with managing risk, ensuring traders can both turn a profit and keep their losses in check.

Main Trading Goals:

  • Profit Target: You need to hit a certain profit target. It’s tough but doable, meant to show off your trading skills.
  • Maximum Drawdown: There’s a cap on how much you can lose, making sure you’re good at managing risk.
  • Minimum Trading Days: You have to trade for at least 4 days during the challenge. These days don’t have to be in a row, so you can trade when it suits you.
Goal Requirement
Profit Target Depends on account size
Maximum Drawdown Depends on account size
Minimum Trading Days 4 days

For more details, check out our FTMO trading rules.

Timeframe and Completion

One cool thing about the FTMO Challenge is there’s no set time limit to hit your profit target. You can take as long as you need, which helps reduce the stress of a ticking clock (FTMO).

How to Complete:

  1. Initial Challenge: Meet all the trading goals in the challenge phase.
  2. Verification Phase: After passing the initial challenge, you move to the verification phase, which also requires at least 4 trading days.
  3. Final Review: Once you pass the verification phase, your trades are reviewed. If everything checks out, you get access to an FTMO Account.
Phase Minimum Trading Days Notes
Initial Challenge 4 No time limit
Verification Phase 4 No time limit

For more on the perks of passing the FTMO Challenge, see our FTMO review.

The FTMO Trading Challenge is set up to find and support trading talent, giving a clear path to becoming an FTMO-funded trader. With balanced goals and no rush, it’s a fair and encouraging process for traders looking to prove their skills in prop trading.

FTMO Account Benefits

Getting Started with FTMO

FTMO gives prop traders a shot at a funded account after they pass a two-step evaluation: the FTMO Challenge and the Verification stage. Nail both, and you get access to an FTMO Account.

The FTMO Account is a demo account with pretend money, but don’t let that fool you. It lets you earn real cash based on your trading skills. You can test and tweak your strategies without risking your own money, all while having the chance to pocket some serious rewards.

Real Cash Rewards

One of the coolest perks of the FTMO Account is the chance to earn real money. If you trade well, you can snag up to 90% of your profits (FTMO). This profit-sharing setup means you get a fair cut of the earnings, even though you’re trading with fake money.

Evaluation Stage What It Is What You Get
FTMO Challenge Test of trading skills and risk management Move to Verification stage
Verification Check for consistent trading Access to FTMO Account
FTMO Account Simulated trading with fake money Up to 90% of profits

Want to know more about the FTMO trading challenge? Head over to our ftmo funded account page. This thorough evaluation not only spots talented traders but also gives them a chance to earn big based on their trading smarts.

For a side-by-side look at FTMO and other prop trading firms, check out our myforexfund review. Knowing the ins and outs of different firms can help you make smart choices about your trading future.

FTMO Trading Platforms

Platform Selection

FTMO gives you a buffet of trading platforms to suit your style. You can pick from the popular MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and MetaTrader 5 (MT5). These are the go-to choices for many traders because they come loaded with advanced charting tools, automated trading options, and an easy-to-use interface.

But wait, there’s more! FTMO also offers cTrader and DxTrade. cTrader is loved for its sleek design and advanced features like custom indicators and automated trading strategies. DxTrade, on the other hand, is a powerhouse with top-notch trading tools, making it a favorite among pros.

For a deeper dive, check out our FTMO review.

Platform Key Features
MetaTrader 4 Advanced charting, automated trading, user-friendly interface
MetaTrader 5 Enhanced charting tools, economic calendar, more timeframes
cTrader Intuitive design, custom indicators, automated trading
DxTrade State-of-the-art features, professional-grade tools

Advanced Features and Support

FTMO makes trading feel real by using simulated trading on MT4, MT5, and cTrader platforms. These platforms pull real data from liquidity providers, giving you a transparent and lifelike trading experience (FTMO).

FTMO’s premium program is like hitting the jackpot. You get double balance boosts, a sweet 90% payout ratio, and exclusive discounts on FTMO Challenges. If you’re a top performer, you might even get invited to join Quantlane, a traditional proprietary trading company. Perks include a fixed salary, a competitive annual bonus, and access to cutting-edge tech support.

FTMO also has your back with a solid support system. They offer tons of educational resources, a responsive customer service team, and a community of traders to help you navigate the FTMO trading rules and reach your full potential.

For more info on FTMO’s funded accounts and trading rules, check out our articles on ftmo funded account and ftmo trading rules.

Feature Description
Simulated Trading Realistic experience with real data from liquidity providers
Premium Program Doubled balance boosts, 90% payout ratio, exclusive discounts
Quantlane Opportunity Fixed salary, competitive bonus, proprietary technology support
Support System Educational resources, customer service, trader community

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