FTMO Trading Rules Overview

If you’re eyeing success in the FTMO Challenge, getting a grip on the FTMO trading rules is a must. These rules, or Trading Objectives, keep traders on track and ensure they stick to a disciplined game plan. Let’s break down the essentials: profit targets, drawdown limits, trading time frames, and trading periods.

Profit Targets and Drawdown Limits

The FTMO Challenge is all about hitting specific profit targets within a set time. These targets depend on the account size you pick and your trading goals (Independent Investor). The cool part? You get to trade with FTMO’s money, so your own cash stays safe.

But there’s a catch—profit targets come with drawdown limits to keep things fair. Here’s a quick look at the usual targets and limits for different account sizes:

Account Size Profit Target Max Daily Drawdown Max Overall Drawdown
$10,000 $1,000 $500 $1,000
$50,000 $5,000 $2,500 $5,000
$100,000 $10,000 $5,000 $10,000

The max daily drawdown is a biggie. Go over it, and you’re out. For more details, check out our FTMO review.

Time Frame and Trading Period

The FTMO Challenge tests if you can consistently make profits within a certain time. You need at least 4 trading days to complete it, but there’s no rush—no upper time limit to hit your profit target.

This flexibility means you can tweak your strategies and manage risks without feeling the heat. The open-ended trading period lets you work at your own pace, so you’re not forced to meet targets in a hurry.

For a deeper dive into the FTMO Challenge rules and some handy tips, check out our article on the FTMO trading challenge.

Wrapping It Up

Nailing these FTMO trading rules is key if you want to pass the challenge and snag an FTMO funded account. Stick to the profit targets, respect the drawdown limits, and use the flexible time frames to show you can trade smart and steady with FTMO’s money.

FTMO Profit Split and Withdrawals

If you’re trading with FTMO, knowing how to get your hands on your hard-earned profits is a big deal. Let’s break down how you can split your profits and the different ways you can withdraw your funds.

Profit Splitting Process

When you trade on an FTMO Account, you get to keep a chunk of the profits you make. Normally, you get 80% of the profits each month. But if you hit the targets in the Scaling Plan, you can bump your account balance by 25% and snag 90% of the profits. FTMO keeps a small cut—20% usually, but just 10% if you’re on the Scaling Plan (FTMO).

You can ask for your payout anytime after 14 days from your first trade. You can also change your Profit Split Day up to three times, anywhere between 14 and 60 days from when you start trading.

Profit Split Type Percentage You Get
Standard 80%
Scaling Plan 90%

Withdrawal Options and Conditions

Once you confirm your invoice, FTMO processes payouts within 1-2 business days. You can get your money through bank wire transfer, Skrill, or cryptocurrencies, and the best part—no withdrawal fees.

There’s a minimum profit requirement for withdrawals: $20 for bank transfers and $50 for crypto payouts. This covers the transaction costs (FTMO).

Withdrawal Method Minimum Profit Needed
Bank Wire Transfer $20
Cryptocurrency Payouts $50

For more details on FTMO’s trading conditions, check out our ftmo review. If you’re curious about getting a ftmo funded account, we’ve got all the info you need. And if you want to see how FTMO stacks up against other platforms like MyForexFunds, read our myforexfund review.

FTMO Scaling Plan Details

FTMO’s scaling plan is all about rewarding traders who consistently perform well by boosting their trading capital. Let’s break down how you can get more funds to trade with and what you need to do to qualify.

How to Get More Capital

To get a capital bump on your FTMO Account, you need to hit certain performance targets over a four-month period. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Make Some Profit: You need to make at least 10% net profit over four months, averaging at least 2.5% net profit per month.
  • Get Paid: You need to process at least two payouts during those four months.
  • Stay in the Green: Your account balance should be above the initial balance when it’s time for the scale-up.
Criteria Requirement
Net Profit 10% over four months
Average Monthly Profit 2.5%
Payouts At least 2 within four months
Account Balance Above initial balance

For more details, check out our FTMO review.

Boosting Your Demo Capital

Once you’ve passed the Evaluation Process and met the conditions, you can increase your demo capital. The increments are 25% of your initial account balance, with a cap of $2 million per trader.

Increment Type Percentage Increase Ceiling
Demo Capital 25% of initial account balance $2M per trader

This plan lets you grow your trading capital step by step, giving you a chance to make bigger profits. The process is simple and rewards traders who keep performing well with more capital to trade.

For more on FTMO’s trading rules and features, visit our article on the FTMO funded account.

By meeting these targets and following the increment process, you can boost your trading potential and grow your capital significantly. For a comparison with other prop trading firms, take a look at our myforexfund review.

Tips for Success in FTMO Challenge

Risk Management Guidelines

Nailing risk management is key to crushing the FTMO Challenge. FTMO sets strict loss limits to keep you disciplined and your risk in check. These rules push you to pick your trades wisely, avoid biting off more than you can chew, and stick to setups with a high chance of success. This way, you dodge big losses and stay within your comfort zone.

Risk Management Aspect Guideline
Maximum Daily Loss 5% of the initial account balance
Maximum Total Loss 10% of the initial account balance
Profit Target 10% of the initial account balance for the FTMO Challenge

Keeping your cool is just as important. Stick to your game plan, stay disciplined, and regularly review your trades. Mindfulness techniques can help you stay calm when things get rough.

Trading Strategy Considerations

Picking the right trading strategy can make or break your FTMO Challenge. Many newbies mess up by copying strategies from others without testing them out first. Trading is personal; what works for one person might not work for you (FTMO).

Strategy Consideration Guideline
Trading Style Pick a style that fits your personality (scalping, day trading, swing trading)
Time Commitment Choose trading hours that match your schedule and time zone
Backtesting Test your strategy thoroughly to make sure it works and to build confidence

Once you find a strategy that clicks, focus on mastering trading psychology and sticking to a solid risk management plan. Keep learning new trading concepts and sharpening your edge for long-term success (FTMO).

For more tips on FTMO and other options, check out our ftmo review and myforexfund review. Also, get the lowdown on ftmo trading rules and ftmo funded account to gear up for the challenge.

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